Polytor’s Opendays event

On 13th and 14th of June, Polytor’s subsidiary in Poland organised Opendays with customers in a warm and friendly atmosphere. A look back at these days with Maciej Stawicki, Polytor sales representative.

Maciej, do you organize the event each year?
We used to organize such events in the past. Unfortunately the pandemic has stopped us from doing that, and this year Open Days are the first edition after COVID. This edition is also the biggest one so far.

What is the event?
The event consisted of series of lectures concerning two main topics: PU System for RTM and infusion, production of plugs and molds with products from Euromere. Lectures were conducted by our partner of this venue: MVP, Owens Corning, and Axel Plastics.

We came with idea that instead of showing whole products from our partners portfolio, we should focus only on products dedicated to above mentioned technologies. Second part of the venue was live show of the technology and products which were presented during the lecture. So customers have a unique opportunity to watch and ask question live. This opportunity was highly appreciated by our guests.

Who are invited?
We have invited our customers which were selected as potentially the ones who could be interested in introduction of presented technologies in their production sites. So at the end 25 customers took part in our event.

What is the aim of the event?
The most obvious aims were education and increasing sales of high tech products. The last one is yet to be evaluated, obviously. But apart from that, very important aim was to make a better quality bond with our customers.

You know, nowadays, nobody has time, one hour meeting is a maximum what you can expect from ordinary visit at customers site. Open days create a friendly, semi-official space which you can use to get closer and understand better needs of our customers. So from my point of view it is very valuable tool that we can use.

I must also emphasize that the success of the meeting would not be possible to achieve if it was only lectures. Live demo showing that our knowledge, theory and experience also work is very very valuable and highly appreciated by our customers.