Euromere is walking on air to announce the end of a large project initiated already several years ago !

Euromere is proud to share with you the achievement of a big project!

We had some challenging goals:

  • Increase our production capacity to answer the potential demands for liquid, semi liquid and viscous products
  • Develop new production processes to blend all kind of products automatically
  • Expand our plant design to fit the new production flow
  • Automate entirely our production process to face environmental challenges, improve production reproducibity and productivity
  • Create an environmental friendly production process to set up better working conditions

A new Composite workshop has also been built with polyester spray equipment’s to further develop and try our products in house, but also to show and train customers/partners.

We will be very happy to work with you for your next request on product evolution for your production.

Welcome to this entirely new way of producing Polyester Specialty Products! We are very enthusiastic to have you visiting our unique site and show you the up to date production process!