Gazechim Group’s ISO certifications

Day to day, we set ourselves the task of ensuring the distribution of products which conform to market standards. Our various companies’ ISO certifications guarantee our permanent commitment to customer satisfaction, regardless of their business sector and regardless of their application.


Composites business unit: EN 9100 & EN 9120 standards

LRQA EN 9100

Based on ISO 9001, the EN 9100 standard guarantees a quality management system for constructors in the aerospace industry.

EN 9100: Aviation, Aerospace and Defence. EN 9100 (equivalent to American AS 9100 and Asian JISQ 9100) concerns businesses working in the design, manufacture and production of products and services for the aviation, aerospace and defence industries.


LRQA EN 9120

Based on ISO 9001 but also including around 100 additional specifications, the EN 9120 standard guarantees a quality management system for aerospace distributors.

EN 9120: Aviation, Aerospace and Defence. Dedicated to companies specialising in storage and distribution, EN 9120 is universal and has a different name depending on the country. Initiated by key international purchasers, EN 9120 embodies the principles of ISO 9001 and broadens its scope of requirements in accordance with the strict rules in the aviation, aerospace and defence industries.


At Gazechim, our quality approach allows us to win new markets and reinforce the confidence we have gained from our customers.


EN 9001:2008


Created in 1987, the ISO 9001 standard outlines the requirements as part of a global policy for risk management in companies.

ISO 9001:2008: ISO 9001 is a European standard based on respecting the requirements of quality management in companies. Across our various networks, we demonstrate our ability to distribute products that meet our clients’ requirements. One of the essential components of the ISO 9001 standard is verifying skills with an audit. Certifying bodies are also invited to verify compliance with the standard.


Highly committed to satisfying its clients, over time the Gazechim Group has made quality management something much more than a fundamental principle. Today, it is an essential value held by all our employees.