Gazechim Gaz invests in the future at Lavéra

The Group launches a major project at the Lavera site, known as Project Venice. The packaging plant is to be completely rebuilt following construction problems at the existing facility. The decision was made to build a new plant rather than reinforce the existing building, to enable to meet development ambitions of Gas Business Unit and assert the position as an expert in chlorine conditioning.

A steering committee was set up to take advantage of the company’s unique know-how in the field of chlorine conditioning. Pooling the experience of Mitry-Mory and Lavéra sites is extremely effective. The aim is to implement the best available techniques and build the most efficient and safest plant in Europe.

The building has been designed to optimize workflows and the ergonomics of the various workstations, resulting in an overall improvement in working conditions. All activity will take place inside the building and all the storage will be in confined spaces, reducing the impact of the activity on the environment. Production capacity will be increased to develop our export activities.

Construction is scheduled to start in April 2024. Construction of this building, with a covered area of 1 800 m² , will take around 9 months, before the engineering part is finalized. The building is due to be inaugurated after the 2025 summer campaign. To ensure continuity of activity, an optimal organization will be put in place to limit downtime between the initial site and the inauguration of the new site.

Gazechim Group is also aiming to make the site energy-neutral by installing photovoltaic panels.

This development reflects the Gas Business Unit’s strong desire to evolve and develop. Other projects are also underway within the Division, notably the expansion of the Swiss subsidiary, Multigas, and the construction of the Flix plant in Spain.