Rugby: Gazechim is proud of its roots in the south of France and shares the same values as this beautiful sport. As such we are a partner of the ASBH Rugby School and have been supporting the club’s training centre at grassroots level for many years.

Gazechim Group Partners with ASBH Rugby School

Volleyball: We have been supporting the Béziers Angels, a female volleyball club, since the start of the season.

More than just a simple symbol, high-level women’s sport needs highlighting. The Angels help to promote the town and the sport on a national and European level. Follow their season here.

Gazechim supports Béziers Angels, women's volleyball club

Handivoile: Since 2023, the Gazechim Group has been sponsoring the Mèze Yacht Club, more specifically its disabled-sailing activities. the Club’s aim is to promote sailing for people with physical, intellectual or sensory disabilities.

Gazechim sponsoring the Mèze Yacht Club


Cancer research: Since 2010, the Gazechim group has been supporting ICM.
ICM, the regional cancer institute in Montpellier, is one of the 20 CLCC (anti-cancer) centres of the UNICANCER federation. ICM is the region’s reference centre in terms of cancer research and the treatment of cancer patients. Gazechim group continues its action with ICM to help the centre with its missions: treatment, prevention, research and training.
Find out more: www.icm-unicancer.fr

Since 2010, the Gazechim Group has been working alongside the ICM

Ethical commitment

ADC3R, fighting for the climate: Gazechim Froid at the heart of the fight against climate change.
As the origin of one of the first circular economy systems, the refrigeration and air conditioning network, represented by ADC3R, unveiled during AFCE the fruit of 22 years of voluntary commitment to the climate. An innovative collection, analysis, recycling and regeneration system for greenhouse gases was deployed in thermodynamic systems, and prevented the emission of 45 million tonnes of the equivalent of CO2.

ADC3R committed to climate