Welcome to Jurassic World !

2019/2020 has been really exciting for Mouldlife’s FX team with the new productions that they have had the privilege to supply as Jurassic World!

During the making of any film there are numerous departments that all require Mouldlife’s materials for the making of the movie such as, VFX, Set deck, the greens, Prosthetics, Construction for example and prop making where we sell S3, S4 S5 Pu foams for an array of props and PS28 & 3481 RTV Silicone for making the moulds.

One of stunning visual department to supply is creatures especially in « Jurassic world » where they are currently sculpting and preparing for sculpting a 30ft T-Rex! … and if you’re asking how they create the skin? Well, its using 20 x 5 gallon kits of our Monster makers foam latex and a lot of hard work and great painters to make you feel you’ve just stepped back into the Jurassic era and have come face to face with T-Rex!!!