Very nice achievement at the Libourne aquatic center by Gazechim Gaz Liquéfiés

Very nice achievement! Gazechim Gaz Liquefiés is working with the new Aquatic Center of the Libournais agglomeration community, “la Calinésie”, in Libourne, in the Gironde region.
Important equipment:
A 35,000 m2 complex that combines learning, leisure and well-being spaces. Ultimately, the center could accommodate 1,500 people per day.

Learning space and sports practice:

  • 1 sports pool with movable bottom (525 m²) with movable bottom
  • 1 learning-recovery pool (168 m²)
  • National level competition reception: the sports hall can accommodate a maximum capacity of 485 people (on fixed and mobile stands).

Leisure and fun area:

  • 1 leisure pool of 200 m² with aquatic activities
  • 1 animated paddling pool of 40 m²
  • 1 slide 75 meters long
  • 1 summer outdoor area with 1 leisure pool (500 m²) with current river and central island
  • 1 slide ride with 4 attractions (Kamikaze slide, Anaconda slide, 4-track Pentaglisse, river with buoys)
  • 1 water play area of ​​300 m².

A relaxation and well-being area:

  • 1 spa-relaxation pool of 50 m²
  • 3 thematic baths
  • 1 outdoor spa-relaxation pool of 40 m²

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