In the night of 8 to 9 October 2020, an enormous lightweight colossus (23 x 11 x 5m) was waved goodbye by a proud team of VABO Composites staff, a company focused in maritime industry in the Netherlands. After months of hard work and craftsmanship, the time has finally come: the largest singlepiece product to date has arrived safely in Amsterdam where it will ‘crown’ a prestigious 77m superyacht.

By selecting a carbon composite construction specification, the VABO team has been able to achieve weight savings of more than 40% compared to aluminium.
For this project, of which the colossal cabin top was only a part, the company not only took care of the production, but also engineering, calculations and project management.

Our subsidiary MCtechnics is proud to have been part of this project by supplying 5 to 6 tons of Epoxy resin, fabrics, injection-machine and G’vac materials.