Gazechim COMPOSITES FRANCE, EUROMERE and synergised silos

Rousseau, a long-standing client of Gazechim Composites France located in Deux-Sèvres, has manufactured composite-based silos (using polyester gelcoat and resin as well as fibreglass)
for Euromere.

Euromere is using these silos to store the powders required to produce polyester gelcoats and glues. The silos are necessary in the automation of the storage and transportation of the principal powders, but also in reducing operator contact with these raw materials as the powders arrive directly at the production area through transfer hoses. This new facility forms part of Euromere’s move toward complete automation of production procedures, thereby distinguishing it from its competitors.

This is one example of a new synergy between two subsidiaries of the Gazechim Group since the products used by Rousseau originated from the partners and producers of Gazechim Composites France.