Gas Ibérica Group establishes its storage and distribution centre at Flix (Spain)

As part of the reindustrialisation of the town of Flix, promoted by Catalonia’s regional government, the Flix town council and the company Ercros, Grupo Gas Ibérica (a subsidiary of Gazechim Group) will set up a chlorine storage
centre at Flix.

Grupo Gas Ibérica is the first business to choose the Ercros chemical plant at Flix (Ribera d’Ebre) to establish its operational centre. Ercros had ceased its industrial activity on 31 December last. The site will be used to store and distribute liquefied gas for the Iberian peninsula, the Balearic islands and the Canary islands. It will take up 4,000 square metres of the former Ercros chemical plant.