Rovicore™ FR: installation of composite panels

Rovicore™ FR reinforces the facades of Edem Lanzareda school in Valencia.

An innovative renovation:

Built in 2007 in Valencia port (Spain) to accommodate the teams of the 32nd America’s Cup, this structure, comprising three buildings, was purchased by the Juan Roig foundation (Mercadona) and refurbished to become the Escuela de Empresarios (EDEM) y Lanzadera Emprendedores school for entrepreneurs.
Spanish architect, D Jose Marti from RSTUDIO, designed the new face of the buildings, and Miraplas Composites, customer of our Spanish distributor, Gazechim Composites Iberica, manufactured the facings using composite materials.




Composites: a solution combining resistant and light weight properties

The use of composites to renovate these buildings soon became the obvious option since, in addition to their light weight and fire resistant properties, they are resistant to climate and alkaline (salt water) conditions, which is essential for a sea-front location, such as this one. The composite panels (sandwich and monolithic) covering the structure represent a surface area of 8,000m². They use two reinforcements designed and manufactured by Chomarat:

ROVICORE™ FR used in most of the parts manufactured in RTM Light, ROVICORE™ FR was selected for its creep and fire resistant properties.

VOLUMAT™ is used for the production of the profile blades for the sun screens. Its volume construction is particularly suited to the pultrusion process, while also offering an excellent surface finish, a decisive criterion in this particular case.


The material composites for the future of renovation

Thermoset composites offer a viable alternative to traditional materials, combining energy efficiency and design. Other building refurbishment projects, supported by Gazechim, are being studied in Spain and the rest of Europe.