Advanced Aerodynamic Vessels (A2V): a new generation aerodynamic boat

French company designed a prototype for a new generation boat in 2015.

Twice as fast for half the consumption: its design generates aerodynamic lift that offers high speed and low consumption.

The boat uses the strength of the wind to work, propelling it at high speed, and thus lifting it above the water and reducing fuel consumption. “The central part of the boat is relieved, being in the shape of a wing, into which the wind is funnelled. With a small draught, it will have little drag and therefore only slight aerodynamic braking. Water tends to slow boats down. Here, air is used to carry the boat. It will therefore be half as heavy and consume less fuel” according to the A2V team.


a2v diagram

A real accomplishment and a minor revolution in the nautical world. The results of the research carried out by A2V have earned them the innovation prize awarded by the French ministry of research.

Gazechim companies provided the composites raw materials required to build this innovative project.

Materials used:

  • Corecell foam
  • Hexcel fabrics
  • Saertex fabrics
  • UP resin



Technical characteristics of the boat:

Waterline length  9m
Total length  10.5 m
Width 7.4 m
Draught when loaded  0.4 m
Air draught 3.4 m
Motorisation Two 200cv Mercury Verado engines
Light displacement  3 t
Loaded displacement  4.5 t
Useful load and ballast  1.500kg
Number of passengers  6
Capacity of fuel tanks   Two 140l tanks

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